Meetings and Events from Oct 2004 to Sep 2005

The following information is outdated and retained on the site solely to help give a feel for the type of events organised by the Reigate Society.

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Date & Time 04 Oct 2004, 8.00pm Event Type Get Together
Title of Talk Past & Present of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings Guest Speaker John Bailey
Venue Woodhatch Centre, Whitebeam Drive, off Hornbeam Road, Reigate, RH2 7LS.
Additional Information John Bailey, an architect, is the Chairman of The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).
He will talk about the history of the SPAB and the continuing importance of its message.
Date & Time 04 Nov 2004, 8.15pm Event Type Talk
Title of Talk Buckland - A Village, A House & A Windmill Guest Speaker Duncan Ferns
Venue Redhill UR Church Hall, Shaws Corner, Redhill.
Additional Information Dr Ferns has recently restored a small windmill situated in his garden in the village of Buckland. This windmill was built circa 1860-1876 to drive a sawmill.
He will speak about the windmill, his house and the village.
In 1999 he published a history of the village of Buckland covering the last 1,000 years.
Date & Time 02 Dec 2004, 8.15pm Event Type Talk
Title of Talk New Research on The Priory & Other Surrey CC-Supported Historic Building Projects Guest Speaker Martin Higgins
Venue The Priory, Bell Street, Reigate.
Additional Information Martin Higgins is the Surrey Historic Buildings Adviser.
He will speak about The Priory and other projects.
In particular he will explain the dendrochronology project, which is the dating of timbers in buildings by examining tree ring patterns in the wood.
Date & Time 09 Jan 2005, 11.00am Event Type Guided Walk
Title of Talk A Look at the Implications of Future Sand Extraction Guest Speaker N/A
Venue Flanchford Rd car park, Reigate Heath, Reigate.
Additional Information Guided walk across proposed sand quarry site at Shagbrook (adjacent to Reigate Heath).
Joining instructions and further information
The objective is for participants to understand the boundaries of the proposed sand quarry and the likely effect on the surroundings.
The walkers will be accompanied by Professor David Goode BSc PhD and Dennis Turner BSc FSA who will comment on the ecology and archaeology of the area.
Please assemble at the Flanchford Road car park by 10.45 with a view to moving off at 11.00 - thankyou.
The walk will be about two miles long on sandy footpaths with no steep slopes involved.
Date & Time 20 Jan 2005, 8.15pm Event Type Talk
Title of Talk Holmsdale Natural History Club Guest Speaker Gerry Moss
Venue Holy Trinity Church Hall Lounge, Carlton Rd, Redhill.
Additional Information Dr Moss will talk about the long history of the Holmsdale Natural History Club and what it does today.
Date & Time 10 Feb 2005, 8.15pm Event Type Talk
Title of Talk The Highs & Lows of Reigates Countryside Guest Speaker Ian Wright
Venue Merstham Centre, Weldon Way.
Additional Information Ian Wright is the Reigate and Banstead Countryside Officer.
During his talk he will give an insight into his important role.
Date & Time 10 Mar 2005, 8.15pm Event Type Talk
Title of Talk Surrey History Centre - Part I Guest Speaker Di Stiff
Venue Holmesdale School, Alma Road, Reigate.
Additional Information Di Stiff is the Archivist (Collections Department) of the Surrey History Centre.
She will speak about the Centres work, records and facilities and how to make use of them.
Date & Time 08 Jun 2005, 12.00pm Event Type Walk
Title of Talk A Walk Around the Nutfield Potential Mineral Zones Guest Speaker N/A
Venue 12 noon at the Inn On The Pond for lunch.
Additional Information A walk around the Nutfield Potential Mineral Zones (PMZs), i.e. possible sites for open-cast sand extraction.
Date & Time 07 Jul 2005, 8.15pm Event Type AGM (Open to all)
Title of Talk The Woodhatch Park Project Guest Speaker Linda Cope
Venue Redhill Methodist Centre, Gloucester Rd, Redhill, RH1 1BP.
Additional Information N/A
Date & Time 08 Sep 2005, 8.15pm Event Type Talk
Title of Talk The Romano British Kiln of Doods Way, Reigate Guest Speaker Gerry Moss
Venue Holmesdale School, Alma Road, Reigate.
Additional Information Because Roman pottery had been previously found on the site, excavations were undertaken in 2004 prior to its re-development.
This is a very important find in national terms, both because of the completeness of the kiln and the widespread use of its products in Roman London.
The kiln is currently in temporary storage whilst decisions are taken as to where it will be permamently sited and displayed.


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